small book cover of the book called Someday by Alison McGhee and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds


Written by Alison McGhee
Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

Someday is a "storybook for all ages" that celebrates the potential we see in our children and the yearning for them to live life to its fullest. This is one of my favorite themes. I was so excited when I first read the manuscript sent by my agent, Holly at Pippin Properties. It wasn’t until after I wrote back and shared that I thought this was a universal theme and destined to resonate with millions that she told me who the author was — her sister! Glad I said I loved it!

A special salute to Caitlyn Dlouhy, my editor at Simon & Schuster’s Atheneum Books for Young Readers. She was a joy to work with. She had the patience to let me explore the text in a variety of ways until we arrived at an interpretation that felt just right.

I often draw several versions of every page and especially the cover. Here is an early sketch and watercolor of the cover. It looks very similar to the final cover, but if you notice, the baby is wearing a hat!"

rough sketch of a woman holding a baby - a draft for the cover of Someday a watercolor of a woman holding a baby - an early draft of the Someday book cover

Behind the Scenes Bonus Scoop: As I was working on the final version of Someday, illustrator David Small (“So You Want To Be President?” and “The Journey”) sent me an e-mail with some pix of his home. I was searching for a flower for the mother in Someday to be fond of – something to be a constant reminder of her long after she leaves us. This is the photo of lilacs at David’s home. When I saw them, I had my flower!


You can purchase Someday (a New York Times #1 Bestseller!) at The Blue Bunny bookstore, or your local bookstore.

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