Peter appeared on FOX-TV recently and shared some of his tips for sparking and nurturing creativity in the home. Here’s a recap:

tips for making your mark by peter h. reynolds

    1. Keep a Family Journal -- After dinner, share the day together, write down what everyone did.

    2. Keep blank books handy -- for personal journals

    3. Write snail mail -- these are "journals on a journey"

    4. Keep art supplies handy -- creative environments inspire writers

    5. Read! Read! Read! Good readers make better writers.

    6. Let your kids see YOU read! Be a role model. Show them your artistic side.
    Don't speak badly about your own art. Read "The Dot" and "Ish."

    7. Get a library card for everyone on the family.

    8. Frame a homemade decorated poem and hang in the kitchen.

    9. Tell stories. Family stories. Made-up stories. You don't need a book to read with your children. In fact, if they see you improvize they will learn to do the same. Improv is key to creative thinking and innovation.

    10. Write your own greeting card poems. Save money and delight friends and family.

    11. Find an old typewriter. Kids love these "antique word processors."

    12. Name our studio. Pretend you have your own publishing company. Design a logo. Make stickers to adhere to your homemade books.

    13. Buy stationery or make it. A program like Stationery Studio™ makes it easy. Create personalized stationery and USE IT!

    14. Be your child's scribe! Let them tell the story aloud – even very young children — and jot down their story.

    15. Write about what you love. Tap into your child's natural interests to spark writing!

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