Double Fudge

When Dutton President Stephanie Owens Lurie called and left the message, "Guess who called and loved your artwork? Judy Loom!"...

Well, that is I thought she had said. I did not know a "Judy Loom". When I called her back she said BLUME, not Loom! I was stunned and elated. Judy Blume was a big part of growing up in Chelmsford, MA. with two sisters in our house.

My challenge was to re-create the character Fudge (and the cast Peter, Sheila, and others), not only for the new book, Double Fudge, but for the other four books in the series. It took many renditions to get to the final version, but when we were done, I felt I had known this Fudge for a very long time.

- Peter

  Copyright 2003, Peter H. Reynolds. All rights reserved.