Iwas not born alone. I had company. Paul is my twin brother. He is, in fact, my older brother – by fourteen minutes. Paul has been an incredible creative partner on my journey. He has been very supportive of my work – even as children. When mother would call us to help prepare dinner, if Paul saw that I was drawing and “in the groove” - he would say, “Stay there, Pete. I’ll do your chores.”

He has remained a great advocate, cheering me along the way, taking the helm at our company, FableVision, so that I could finish a few books, dream up a TV show, or vision the next chapter. While Paul is decidedly more right-brained, he has a creative side too. He is an excellent writer, a wonderful storyteller to his children, an expressive gardener, and a very talented artist with a range of styles.

In his high school years he found that, with a pencil, he could replicate certain black and white photos that “spoke to him"... a gift he continues to enjoy in adulthood. I’d like to share one of those drawings here, but in the future I am hoping he’ll let me scan others. It is fascinating for me, as a twin, to see how talent takes shape in different ways. Paul’s personality is very much about patience, and attention to detail. No wonder then that his pencil images are so detailed and precise.

I am hoping that Paul will collaborate with me soon on a series of children’s books. His “The Brave and Daring Tales of Mrs. Snibbles” is a long-running story time favorite in the Reynolds household. I hope to illustrate it one day.

Paul is President at FableVision, co-founder of The Blue Bunny Books and Toys, and adjunct professor at Boston College. He actively supports the Scouting program, is a Eucharistic minister at St. Susanna’s and was awarded the Alumni Hall of Fame from Chelmsford High School.

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