Are you a writer? A storyteller? A film maker? A poet? Someone who inspires others? Are you someone who wants to do some or all of those, but needs a nudge? Needs a bit of inspiration?

Creative thinking is the fuel for getting things going. Dreaming about the project is a huge part of the process. The actual 'doing' requires following through on the dream, but the dream is the rough sketch. I encourage people to ponder and conjure the vision, but eventually I'll nudge you to "prove your groove." Don't just say you are a writer... Write. Don't just dream about making a film... Pick up the camera and go!

Also realize that your creative thinking might be flowing naturally, but perhaps you've never thought to capture it. Have you ever told a terrific story to your friends or family? Why not write it down? Have you ever made up a fable for a group of eager kids? Jot it down and make a children's book! Are you good at jokes? Make an illustrated joke book.

I'll share my view on creativity, hoping it helps you on your creative journey, but it is a very personal process and might be very different for you than me. Whatever your style or strategy, I hope the creative process brings you joy.

Join me in my 'campaign' to make the world a more creative place. The next time you're thinking about what gift to give someone, think of something that will encourage creativity. Whether it's a blank journal or book on crafts, a set of watercolors or a guide to making films, a stationery set or a watercolor brush - let it be something that inspires expression. Children and grown up children need to be encouraged to consume less, and create more.

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