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photo of peter reynolds laying on the floor on his stomach.  he is drawing. caption reads i like sprawling out on the floor to draw. click the photo to learn moreMany people have written in asking to see more of my art. The truth is, I'm creating art all the time, using many different media (as you'll see below) - whether I'm illustrating a book, creating an animation on my computer for my company (FableVision), painting a watercolored greeting card to send to a friend, or simply doodling while on long plane flights! It would be impossible to share, or even remember all the art I've created, but I'm happy to be able to share a sampling of my art with you here. Keep checking back to see new additions!

Click on the thumbnail images below to view a larger picture of my art.

Book Illustration Studies
Many projects require several rounds of rough sketches before the final version is approved. The author, the editors, and my family and friends often will weigh in with ideas and opinions that help evolve a piece. Here are some samples.



Here are some images from my collection of watercolors - though I use a variety of things to paint with - gouche is my favorite. It is opaque enough to build lighter colors on darker ones. I also don't just use water to thin my paints – I use anything wet... including tea, soda, milk - even the dew from blades of grass if I am painting outside.”





Doodles & Drawings (pencil or pen - and sometimes a little paint)
These are from my collection of the thousands of images I have created "for no reason" - many of them are from back of envelopes, or on napkins, or on my favorite Italian blank note cards I carry around with me to capture ideas that just flow out. I often revisit these images for inspiration for my next book project. I began saving my doodles & drawings in about 1995 stuffing them in to old lunchboxes or my favorite - old tin picnic boxes.





Digital Doodles & Drawings
While I LOVE LOVE LOVE real paper, dipping my old fashioned crow-quilled pen into real ink and swooshing my real brush into real watercolors.... I DO love my computer and the tools I can use to create art on it. Macromedia Flash is one of my favorites, teamed up with my Wacom Graphire3 Tablet and Pen. Here are a few of the images created in this digital medium.



Digital Animations
Along with digital doodles and drawings, I create a lot of digital animations using the program Flash, like this floating, tumbling boy...

Click here to see an animation by Jack, a second grade student from Maine who learned how to animate with Flash following a little Flash tutorial I created, which you can find at http://www.fablevision.com/flash

Sculpture and Other Art
Even though you may be more familiar with my art that I created on paper, canvas, or computer, I never limit myself when it comes to expressing my creativity. I like to draw and paint on almost any blank surface I can find! And once in a while I'm inspired to express my creativity through other mediums besides paint... like when I create sculptures! Below you will find a sampling of art I created on surfaces other than paper, or computer... and I'll be adding images of some of my sculptures soon.

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